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Girls being groped in the workplace

2009 August 4
Posted by Fiktion

Women getting groped at work is not uncommon, in fact girls getting groped and felt up is the norm where I work. I only have a part time job so I don’t get to see everything that goes on but I see a lot of boobs being groped and hands going up girls skirts and feeling there butt cracks.

I only work in a call centre; most boring job in the world but it does have its good points. The company I work for has done everything on the cheap so we all sit and share one big desk in a tiny room. In total there are 30 of us all sitting huddled round one table, facing each other in a square fashion, all with our head phones and mic ready to take calls about problems with electrical equipment. Its actually the girls that get groped and grabbed at our place that have the highest call volume and there is a very good reason for that, because the men are normally busy groping and grabbing tits and ass.

My employer has set up a new ‘mixing’ policy where by both sexes have to sit boy-girl-boy girl in order for us to relate to each other better. In the sort of close environment we work in that’s perfect for the men because it means that each guy gets to play with some tits and grope some ass all the time he works. So each man has a choice of which slut to grope and play with, though the dirty blondes with big tits normally get groped and played with the most. The brunettes don’t get left out though, while the blonde sluts generally get there tits and ass groped by more men, you can have the brunettes all to yourself. All the women who get groped all wear the low cut tops with a mini skirt and are always careful not to put on stockings, this I have discovered is because the men in the office complained that when they wanted to put their hand up any of the girls skirts and feel up there butt cheeks it was a little uncomfortable and they wanted to just feel the sluts skin with their hands. It’s the same when the girls were getting there boobs groped and there nipples played with, the bras I mean, basically the bras were not really welcome either so most women do not wear bras now.

Very rarely do any of the men actually talk to any of the groped girls, not really much to say I guess, when the sluts arrive in there little office outfits and high heels most of them look miserable and sit down at there chairs at the table. As soon as they take their seats most of the men like to get to there favourite woman first so they can be the first to grope her boobs and feel all her private parts. A friend of mine at the office always likes to be the first to get to this one girl and feel her butt crack under her skirt. She’s a blonde with a tight ass that gets groped by most of the men there, she’s very popular, whenever I looked up there would be a guy feel her ass while others groped her tits.


By mid day the calls come in thick and fast, by this time most of the men have stripped the sluts of there clothes and all the girls are getting a few red marks from getting there boobs groped and there ass cheeks parted with probing fingers, baring in mind the groping and grabbing is non stop so its going to happen a little bit.

One of the girls who gets groped a lot sits opposite me and I see everything that goes on, she tries to drink her coffee when she sits down, but as soon as she tries to take a sip there are guys with there hands up her skirt and inside her panties playing with her butt crack, all the while her boobs are being groped and nipples pulled and sucked on.

Most of the girls who are groped normally have a guy with his trousers down rubbing against her butt cheeks at any given moment but I notice the girls just find ways to work around being groped and played with all through the day.

If you go around the net you’ll find lots ot good stuff about this, particuarly here  girls being stripped and Groped and also this is a blog by some old man reporting on his visit to the mall and looking at girls being Groped at the mall.